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Competitive and Recreational Rowing Groups

This year, we will take two paths in regards to training: we will have a competitive group and a recreational group. Rowers and parents can decide which group they would like to participate in. Here are some details about the specifics of each group and what to expect.

Recreational Group: 
Our recreational group will consist of rowers who simply love the sport of rowing. They are looking at getting better and making new friends in a less intense environment. The focus of the recreational group will be to have fun and learn the two styles of rowing in a relaxed atmosphere with like-minded individuals. Programming will be technical and the aim is to have rowers come out of the program with knowledge of the sport and love for rowing. The recreational group will not require erg testing or any form of racing. We want kids to be able to enjoy the sport of rowing without getting overwhelmed with its competitive nature. Once spring comes around rowers can make the decision if they would like to race. Line ups and boatings will not be determined off of abilities. They will be based on friendship, cooperation, and those that work well together. The recreational group is meant to take the pressure and competitiveness out of rowing and focus on the love of the sport, simply getting better and being outside with friends. 

The Competitive Group:
The competitive groups will be for those who wish to compete at a high level in the sport of rowing. Our focus will be to get better technically, to improve strength, to be the best rowers we can be. This group is for the kids who wish to put in the hard and challenging work to get better and go faster. Programming will be physically difficult and intense. There will be optional strength and erg workouts provided as well for rowers to complete on their own time, outside of team practice. For this group erg testing isn’t required, but if you wish to race in the spring you will have to test. I want this group to be filled with like-minded individuals who want to push each other to get better in a fun and competitive environment. This program will be for anyone who wishes to commit and to put in the work. 

The groups will run at the same time, but programming and expectations of rowers will be different. Both groups will receive the same amount of coaching on the water. The competitive group will just have access to optional additional workouts and material for them to complete on their own time.

Rowers may switch groups at any time.

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