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Membership Requrements

Note: these requirements do not apply to Trial Session rowers. If you want to participate in a Trial Session please do not continue with this process. Go back to the Registration page and register for the No Cost Trial Session.

Please note: The waivers and agreements, and other requirements such as a swim test if required, must be completed prior to the rower's participation in training activities. No rower is eligible to attend practice before registration is complete, all documents are signed and received and the USrowing membership is up to date. Rowers that have not completed all requirements will be unable to board the bus for water practice or participate in land practice activities. South Eugene Rowing Club assumes no responsibility whatsoever for non-members, including any responsibility for anything that happens to them as a result of not being allowed to get on the bus.  

We also recommend you review our Participant Handbook and Participant Safety Policy for additional information regarding our organization. Questions? Please contact our Membership Coordinator


1. Swim Test

Rowers who do not pass a swim test must wear a PFD (personal flotation device) during any water activity. If your rower requires a swim test please click the above link to download the form, have your rower complete the test as described, then scan/photo a copy of the completed form to our Membership Coordinator

2. USRowing Membership

As a part of our liability insurance agreement every member of our team is required to register with USRowing. These are annual memberships valid for 12 months from the date of USRowing registration. For our regular seasons you can join/renew with either (a) a "Basic Membership" ($10) and add the "Regatta Package" upgrade ($25.25), or (b) as a "Championship" member ($45.00). 

To complete the USRowing membership please click the above link and follow these instructions:

  1. Under “Individuals”, click “Join”
  2. Fill in the form
  3. Enter the first part of the Club Name: "south eugene"
  4. When the automatic search completes click the Club Name
  5. Enter the Club Code: CYXTF (all caps); click “Submit Code”
  6. Click the green “Search” button lower right
  7. Enter your Regatta Central account information, or select "Not Now".
  8. Select the Membership Type:
    a. You must have either a Championship membership or a Basic membership with a Regatta Package add-on to compete in USRowing-sponsored regattas and be covered by our liability insurance.
    b. The lowest cost option is a "Basic Membership" with the "Regatta Package" upgrade.
  9. Select a donation amount or “Not Now”; click “Submit”
  10. Fill out the Profile form; click “Submit”
  11. Confirm you are over 18 and the parent of the rower
  12. Read and agree to the terms of the USRowing Waiver; click “Submit”
  13. Enter credit card information; select the option for automatic renewal; click "Submit" 

NOTE: USRowing requires that you answer four questions regarding racing rules.  These are strictly for education purposes and will not affect your ability to sign the waiver.

Additional Information

South Eugene Rowing Club follows the standards implemented by the USRowing Safesport Program in order to provide a safe, non-threatening environment for all participants. For information on our specific club standards please review our Participant Safety Policy

If you have questions regarding any of these documents or forms please contact our Membership Coordinator.

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