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Build fitness with a custom training plan

SERC will always provide a general summer training and strength plan to build your fitness. But, if you're looking for a training plan that's customized to your specific needs and physiology, then a custom training plan might be right for you.

Each training plan will be custom developed based on your current fitness, strengths and weaknesses, and your goals. Custom training plans take several hours to complete and are designed to improve your performance...if you do the work. Because of the work required to build and maintain these training plans, please only sign up if you plan on doing the work. If you're not committed to training this summer, this plan may not be right for you.

Coach Jamie's training plans have delivered consistent results and PRs for rowers who have completed the plans. If your goal is to get the 2k score you need for college rowing, or if you just want to achieve your absolute best, a custom training plan is right for you.

What you'll get:
- Daily erg plan
- Weight and/or circuit training plan
- Weekly feedback on progress
- Video analysis (from summer camp rowing)
- College profile assistance
- Regular updates and adjustments to your plan
- Alternative workouts for when you're away from an erg

Cost is $120 for the summer, paid in three installments of $40.

- You complete the workouts as scheduled. The training plan won't achieve results if you don't do the work.
- If you skip 3 or more workouts, you may not be invited to participate in the next training plan
- You post your completed workouts to Jamie, with photos of your erg screen
- You don't modify the plan

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